A doctor high-fiving a child while the child’s mom smiles

Health Incentive Accounts (H IA)

As employers seek to engage employees with their health and related costs, incentives have become a mainstream way to influence behavior. Our Health Incentive Account (H IA) solution supports wellness programs focused on encouraging health improvement through behavior change. Our underlying incentive accounts are used to offer financial and point-based incentives to employees through rewards for healthy behavior. The account platform offers broad flexibility to make, track and administer contributions and allows for easy access to funds. We seamlessly integrate with employer health vendors to capture and manage the metrics associated with program participation.

H IA Features

  • Broad design flexibility to accommodate financial and point-based rewards
  • Credits/contributions tracking and administration
  • Intelligent multi-purse debit card to access dollars in incentive accounts
  • Intelligent claims process rules engine to process incentive-specific claims
  • Easy access to incentive account through the website and customer service
  • Specialized communication materials

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