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Specialized Accounts

We also offer specialized spending accounts including Adoption Accounts, Commuter Expense Reimbursement Accounts (CERA) and other customized solutions.

Specialized Account Features

  • Broad design flexibility
  • Credits/contributions tracking and administration
  • Intelligent multi-purse debit card to access dollars in incentive accounts
  • Intelligent claims process rules engine to process incentive-specific claims
  • Easy access to accounts through the website and customer service
  • Specialized communication materials for each account type

To learn more about our Specialized Accounts, please contact us.

Specialized Services

  • Summary Plan Description (SPD): BenefitWallet can draft and maintain the SPD, working with the client to get the necessary data and obtain signoff.
  • Non-Discrimination Testing (NDT): BenefitWallet can offer NDT services, working directly with the employers to collect necessary data to complete required testing – simplifying the process.